The core component of our CloudComms® service offer


It stands at the crossroad of all other feature-rich CloudComms® applications, distributing calls between them. It combines all the benefits of an advanced dynamic call control and call routing engine with a full featured caller interaction solution around a converged self-management and reporting interface.

Call Recording

Record inbound and outbound calls regardless of location or device used

Call Recording

Our Call Recording is a full-featured efficient solution to record inbound and outbound calls made or received by multi-sites, call centres, remote employees or home agents, disregarding if caller and called devices are fixed or mobile.

Call Monitoring

Listen and manage live conversations from any device

Call Monitoring

Our Call Monitoring services enable you to listen to live conversations taking place between a customer and an in-house or remote home-based agent, from your phone, fixed or mobile, or directly streamed to your web browser. Of both inbound and outbound calls. Whisper coaching, call barging, silent monitoring, etc.


Local, international, toll-free, shared-cost, etc.


We provide you the telephone numbers that suit your business need wherever your customers are: local, shared cost, premium rates or toll-free-numbers. Control the whole numbering of your company disregarding if the numbers are of different kind or if they come from different countries or continents.


Manage, supervise and scale your business with a few clicks


Our solution enables you to distribute calls through distinct intelligent routing strategy (skills-based, direct, least occupied, least idle, etc.) This solution can be expanded to an unlimited number of agents, disregarding their location and if they are in-house or home-based.


You will definitively avoid missing a single call anymore


Create as many voicemails as your company needs. Your employees will receive messages to their email accounts or will consult them via a simple phone call, as many times as they want.

Fax Gateway

Receive and send faxes in electronic format

Fax Gateway

Receive your faxes in an electronic format (.tif or .pdf) to your email. No more busy tones. No more delays in receiving any documents. You can check your faxes from our web-based management interface. Save money on fax machines, phone lines and supplies.

Call Survey

Easily create post-call surveys with our Call Survey option

Call Survey

Play welcome or promotional messages. Collect customer’s ID if different from the caller ID, answer to static or dynamic surveys with single or multiple choice questions. Integrate the data collected with your CTI through web-services XML interactions.

Conference Call

Operate your call conference from our management interface

Conference Call

Conferences can be public or private (PIN, caller id protected) and reachable from a single dedicated local dial-in number to a wide range of local international dial-in numbers at a time supported giving coverage to your international employees or customers.


Interactive Voice Response technology solutions


Our IVR service enables you to interact with callers through the use of featured multilingual speech recognition (ASR), multilingual text-to-speech, DTMF and customer databases interaction. It helps you to gather callers information and to provide self-tailored information to the callers.

Voice Portal

Create in a few clicks a IVR using simple voice

Voice Portal

Our Voice Portal solution is all about a simple interface that helps you create in a few clicks a IVR using voice recognition interaction with the caller.


Interact with customers gathering automatic information from them


You will be able to create, develop and manage the service through our web-based management interface. This service doesn’t require any installations, servers or licenses on your premise. It covers a variety of languages including but not limited to English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, etc.

Natural Language Recognition

Take control of the content of the conversations on your business

Natural Language Recognition

You can receive transcription of each single call. You will also receive its translation regardless whether a call is received on an international phone line or a line serving foreign customers. Choose between different detection patterns to analyze any conversation, regardless of the language used.

Predictive Dialer

Manage multiple outbound marketing campaigns

Predictive Dialer

It automatically adjusts pace of the dialing from previous abandon rate and available agents to dial the appropriate number of lines and ensure your agents are talking longer while keeping the number of dropped calls under a certain limit. You can run multiple campaigns with numerous call lists.


Play any prompt to your customer through our management interface


You may provide information about your company or customize messages according to the origin or the nationality of the caller. Our Text2Speech service covers a variety of languages including but not limited to English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, etc.


Exchange information and execute actions without the manual intervention of humans


IoT communication is often used for remote monitoring, warehouse management, logistic services, supply chain management, remote control, fleet management. You earn payouts each time our IoT services receive a call.Exchange information and execute actions without the manual intervention of humans

Call Queuing

Real-time queuing management tool

Call Queuing

Our system helps you enhance your service level. Configurable music on hold. Routing based on average hold time. Distinct queues can be grouped into a single one. Call prioritization based on CLI (VIP lists, black lists, white lists) or time spent in any queue. Overflow strategy.

Call Latitude

Enhance your customer service experience using caller location

Call Latitude

It lets you control calls based on the caller location no matter where calls are originated from (mobile, landlines) enabling you to route calls made to a central number to a local one, in order to deliver a finest personalized service.


Personalize, schedule, send and track mobile messaging campaigns


This mobile marketing tool has numerous features to facilitate loyalty and improve customer service experience. Our platform will allow you to schedule, send and track bulk SMS delivery or fully personalized messages. It also allows integration with other applications (CRM, data bases, etc.).


Turn your website traffic into direct telephone communication


Allow your clients to request an immediate connection with your company. The visitor just needs to click a link on your website and enter their phone number. Our solution automatically connects the customer and the agent. Improve your conversion rates and offer a better customer experience.


Interact with your website visitors


Interact with your website visitors and improve the quality of your support by surprising your customers with instant answers. Discover new opportunities by approaching customers directly on your site. Improve your customer experience and deliver immediate ROI increasing your conversion rates.

Voice Apps

Anytime and anywhere from the palm of your hand

Voice Apps

Voice Apps let you screen efficiently your business from a traffic summaries down to a single call detail, manage your call centre anytime and anywhere from the palm of your hand directly from a tailored Android, iOS or BlackBerry application on your Smartphone.

Call Tracking & Analytics

Achieve real-time phone traffic visibility

Call Tracking & Analytics

Measure and evaluate the effectiveness of all inbound or outbound phone communications. Tracking, analyzing and managing calls in real time is also a perfect solution for local and international advertising campaigns.

About us

Our strengths:

· 120 million minutes efficiently managed per month
· Servicing telecom operators and businesses worldwide
· Value added SS7, SIP-I, SIP-T interconnect solutions
· RIO interconnected network in each country
· SLA guarantee including emergency number access

Control of the overall CloudTelephony® value added stack:

· Markets and telco regulations
· Interconnections & signaling
· Charging & billing
· Converged self-management & reporting interface
· Provisioning & support to customers

Cloud Communications for Telecom Operators

Reliable operator providing services for other operators and real customers, not for API vendors!

Dialoga Group CloudComms® helps you get new value chains and revenues, increase profitability of network assets, monetize customers on new services, enhance customer’s loyalty by shortening time-to-market period with no expenditures, on a real pay-per-use managed services’ business model.

Dialoga Group CloudComms® is easily integrable with any service you could be already providing. Our infrastructure sits at the border of your network. You provide the connectivity (ingress/egress telecom routes). We provide the full CloudComms® solution, provisioning, support and our experience in voice value added business. As a telecom operator you will be able to bundle up your offers using our cloud technology.

Dialoga Group CloudComms® is not yet another internet hosted PBX solution. Its value added services run from Dialoga Group in network and telco nodes. European-wide quality service provider for operators.

Cloud Communications for Businesses

Dialoga Group CloudComms® is all about outsourcing your legacy telephone systems, resulting in improved business efficiency by having all the services from the cloud.

Scalability: Your telephony no longer depends on limited in-house resources. CloudComms® helps you expand internationally, since you have access to the same services and tools in any country.

Easily Manageable: All services are manageable from an interface. You monitor your activity through our historic and real-time reports.

Financially Attractive: Enhanced control of your calls helps you reduce your operative costs. We share with you the incomes produced by your calls on shared cost, revenue share numbers.

Efficiency: You control your inbound and outbound calls, on any device (landline, mobile), no matter where these calls are terminated or originated.

Reliability: Round the clock technical support and maintenance. Multi-homed, redundant platforms.

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Our Team

Over 90 employees from various fields
· Software developers, telecom engineers, system & network administrators
· International sales and business development specialists
· Executive team with international experience and extensive background in technology and telecommunications


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