SwordThe WebRTC line for your business with no SIP trunks or IP phones


We provide you with local numbers from any country needed. Sounds simple? Well, it is! Our communication system gives your business a truly global footprint with dedicated local numbers available worldwide. No more lost phone calls, no need for expensive roaming plans or dual-sim phones.

Your business travels with you.

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Set up a call diversion to any fixed, mobile or IP destination. Sword even redirects the calls to your personal phone number or Voicemail when the data coverage is poor. Whether you are at the office, at home or on the move, your business travels with you.

Your business line is always available through any device within your reach!


Get Sword app and start making and receiving calls using your PC, mobile, tablet or SmartTV.

Your personal assistant on any device.

Sword disponible en diferentes dispositivos


• Inbound Caller ID recognition
• Custom outbound caller ID (personal, office)
• Performance management
• Certified call recording and call log
• Voice recognition
• SMS messages
• Personalized voicemails
• Call history synchronization
• API integration with Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho, etc


• No SIP Trunks
• No Asterisk
• No physical connections
• No SIP phones to buy
• Login from any device
• Call continuity: forward calls a designated mobile if data coverage fails

Access Sword on the go, from any device.

No SIP phones - Sword - Dialoga
No SIP trunks - Sword - Dialoga
Certified call recording - Sword - Dialoga
Fast portability - Sword - Dialoga
Inmediate provisioning - Sword - Dialoga


• We are a Global Telecom Operator
• We are not resellers
• We own and operate our own services
• We use high quality routes worldwide
• Experience in the VoIP, WebRTC and BYOD markets


• Numbers from any location worldwide
• Immediate availability
• Number portability
• High quality voice calls
• No term contract

DESTINATION FIX cent/min MOBILE cent/min
Austria 1 3
Belgium 2 4
Czech Republic 2,5 7
Denmark 1 3
France 1 2,5
Germany 1 3
Ireland 1 3,5
Italy 1 3
Mexico 1 3,5
DESTINATION FIX cent/min MOBILE cent/min
Netherlands 1 3
Poland 1,5 2
Portugal 1 2
Slovakia 1,5 7
Spain 1 1
Sweden 1 2,5
Switzerland 2 9
UK 1 2,5
USA 1 1

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